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…  to Ancestry Puzzles. I am Terry Vaughn Skaug, a genealogist with over 40 years of professional experience. Puzzles are my passion. Whether I am filling the grid of a crossword, the squares of a Sudoku, or assembling the pieces of a jigsaw image, I delight in the challenge. Researching genealogy to fill the branches of a family tree is my favorite puzzle. 

Researching family histories over 40 years.

As interest in genealogy grows, so does the number of ancestry websites. They are a quick way to start researching family; but online data is limited. No company offers all the information needed to identify and confirm several generations from various locations. 

Discovering the correct “John Smith” for a family requires multiple sources of confirmation. I travel Central and Northern California to explore files at government agencies, libraries, churches, newspaper archives, etc., to locate documents validating information. To fulfill photographic requests, I hike cemeteries hunting headstones, markers, and memorials. In person, or via Skype, I interview people to record their personal stories.  

As a member of the Association of Professional  Genealogists, I abide by APG’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices and the APG Mailing List Code of Conduct.  Through my membership in the National Genealogical Society, I utilize their educational options to  increase my knowledge and skills.

Contact me to solve your Ancestry Puzzles and discover who created your family history. I can do the research, help you get started on your own project, or help with a specific issue.